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Thursday, June 18, 2009

My FAV actions of ALL time review...

Okay, things are settling down a bit and I have some what of a brain today! So I wanted to do an action review!

I have admitted to a big problem/obsession...whatever you want to call it, that I have. It's an addiction to ACTIONS! I really think I need a SERIOUS intervention. And one of the reasons it's so bad, is I RARELY use them! Pretty sad...I know! But I'm changing that. I have an actions panel stocked with good expensive pay actions. So I have vowed to myself to start using them more. I still ALWAYS do my standard edits (that I will post about in the future) then I decide if I want to spice it up a bit. And if so, I hit f9 to open my beautiful actions panel!

I do have three sets from the same maker that I use A LOT for my creative edits. They are SO my style and I am DEEPLY in love with them. Okay...ready...

Lily Blue LB and I are tight! Ha! Not! She has NO idea who I am or about my silly little blog! But I'm ready to move in with her...like right now! I want to BE her! If she finds this blog (yeah right) and reads this, she may just get a restraining order! But that's okay, as long as I can still buy her actions, I'm all good!

I will say it is because of HER and her actions that I am now branching out and buying/using other actions. I've started to find my style in photography/editing. I'm finding that I very much love the wash feel to pics! It gives my heart a warm fuzzy happy feeling. Like my slippers in the winter! Or my AC in the hot smoggy Cali summers!

I have her Color One Action set, her Waterplay Action set and her Color One ACR Presets. I have certain favorites in these actions. From her Color One action set, I am OBSESSED with Honey! UGH...I cannot get enough of this action. It's a simple 3 layer action...and it's YUMMY! It looks GREAT on outdoor shots...people or flowers etc. Then from her Waterplay Action set I LOVE Sweet Water. I use this one A lot. I also LOVE Rose Water and use it a LOT too! Now...mix Sweet Water & Rose Water together...and my heart just flutters! I have yet to fall in love with the Color One Presets tho. It's not that they are not good...because they ARE. It's a personal thing. I have the NEED to edit in layers...which is why LR doesn't float my boat. In ACR, I just do the basic corrections of WB, Exposure & Recovery if needed, Blacks and a tad of Clarity and once in a great big while when I'm feeling bright and sunny, I'll slap a touch of Vibrancy...but VERY little! So the creative stuff in ACR isn't my cup of tea. But don't let me not feelin the love for them stop you. Because they are just as AMAZING as her actions. And she also has LR Presets that are FANTASTIC! And all of her actions are completely adjustable, so you can really tone them down if you wish, or you can do a few combo actions. I really enjoying mixing the Color One Action set & the Waterplay actions for various different looks!

PLEASE stop by her site and check her out. If you fall in love with her examples, hit that buy button and I promise you...you will NOT regret it and you too may become an OBSESSED LB fan too!

So without further ado...here are some examples. My originals aren't SOOC, they are my basic edits. And all of the action examples have been adjusted to my taste and are not run as is. And because I'm also obsessed with my Macro lens, all the examples are flowers. But these work AMAZING on people too!

These 3 examples are from the Color One Action set...

And these 4 examples are from the Waterplay Action set...

And these 3 examples are her Combo Actions from the Waterplay Action set...

Can you tell I'm also obsessed with the back of flowers?! :O)
The Combo Actions in the Waterplay Action set can be pretty intense and strong and require a good amount of adjustments to get them to taste. But they are more complex actions and you have a LOT of control with them. The other Waterplay Actions are less intense and strong and don't require as much adjusting. The Color One Action set are simple 3 layer actions that require very little adjusting!
So now you know my secret...that I am in LOVE in LB and her actions and I think if you try them...so will you!
Now go check her out!!!


Ang June 18, 2009 at 6:40 PM  

Well now you know I'M quite possibly as obsessed if not more :) I love her, love her eye, love her art, love it all.

Hi I'm Angie and I'm addicted to Passion, by LB ;)

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