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Monday, August 17, 2009

Photobucket went DELETE HAPPY on me....

WARNING...this will be long and VERY negative! Ha! just warnin ya!

I've been having issues with photobucket deleting certain pics of mine! Some are of Avyree in her panties or just without a shirt on! This violates their TOS apparently! A 2 year old in just her diaper or panties! Ummm...okay! Then they deleted photos that were NOT of her nakey just with no top on! Yet, leaving some of her in JUST her panties! So I emailed them about the issue. They said they do not allow CHILD NUDITY on their site EVEN IF YOUR ACCOUNT IS SET TO PRIVATE! And they WILL delete them as THEY see fit! So I wrote back expressing my frustration and the INCONSISTENT way in which they delete photos from my account. Deleting some that are NOT against their TOS, deleting others that are just MY 2 year old with no shirt on yet leaving ones of her in just her panties and felt that their selection process was not very professional nor consistent! And that I did not appreciate no warning and just having the pics of MY children disappear that THEIR discretion! I told them I would no longer be using photobucket to host my images but unfortunately would not be able to delete my account due to MANY tuts on different boards/blogs over the past 2 years!

So for kicks about an hour or so later I went back into my account and...THIS is what I saw...

Nice huh? Basically they went through my account with a FINE TOOTH COMB and deleted pretty much EVERY pic that has Avyree with no shirt on! It's hard to keep clothes on the kid! Haha! Even pics of her in her highchair covered in chocolate ice cream. I took some while we were camping in the desert in our 5th wheel and Avyree was in the BACKGROUND with no shirt on and THEY DELETED it! So since I was an UNhappy customer and talked to customer service about why I was unhappy, they did a photo raid on me! VERY VERY PROFESSIONAL PHOTOBUCKET! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR ATTENTION TO DETAIL AND FINE FINE CUSTOMER SERVICE! I COMMEND YOU FOR YOUR DEDICATION TO YOUR CUSTOMERS! TOP NOTCH SERVICE!

So needless to say I AM DONE WITH PHOTOBUCKET & will NEVER EVER use them!

Last time I checked...I was 33 with 2 kids! Not only are they MY images, and MY kids, I guess I was under the SAD impression that business' worked for the good of people...NOT revenge! So glad to be set straight! Point taken...on photobucket your images are NOT REALLY YOURS and you will be treated like a child and have your toys taken away without warning or care if your teeny tiny pinky toe touches that chalk line!!! Nothing like being parented from a hosting website! I also know of a bikini model photographer who photographs ADULTS with PROOF they are adults and photobucket deletes his photos too! They say that on some the front of the bikini is too small, yet will leave shots from the back of a girl wearing a g string bikini! Sound consistent to YOU? NOT to me! I feel like my images are being stolen or being held for ransom! It does NOT feel good to feel like you have no control over YOUR images and they can take them from you! YES...OF COURSE I have the full size images tucked away safely on my EHD. But there was a LOT of time taken to resize, WM etc and would take FOR-freakin-EVER to reload them all and replace the codes in my posts on my blogs!

And I am not that person that goes around complaining and bashing companies! So this is true frustration from my heart!

Why do I share my story here? Two reasons...if any screen shots are missing...THIS is why! And...be VERY careful with Photobucket. If you PISS THEM OFF, they may raid your account and go delete happy on you too!

I am in the process of trying different hosting places at the moment and have gotten lots of great help and advice on who to use! For now I'm using Flickr. But I am not finding it very convenient so I'm still researching other options!

So the tuts will still be coming and I WILL make sure that I can find a hosting site that will not PARENT the images I choose to post of MY OWN KIDS!

Phew...vent over! Ha!


amymom24 August 18, 2009 at 7:30 AM  

That SUCKS. I'm appalled.

I use scrappity.com and have always been very happy with them. It might not suit your needs, but you could check it out anyways.

Anonymous August 18, 2009 at 2:30 PM  

LOL...I'm on Team Photobucket. It's their site, you play by their rules. You seem to have a sense of entitlement, that they owe you something. Hell, they don't even owe you an explanation if they decide to delete something.

Deal with it.

momaziggy August 19, 2009 at 7:45 AM  

So why are you posting Anonymous? If you don't like what I have to say then don't read my blog!

And my POINT was that they didn't DELETE photos that have been up for over a YEAR UNTIL I spoke with them! Being raided for speaking your unhappiness isn't a very PROFESSIONAL way to handle things!


Marcy August 20, 2009 at 1:42 PM  

I am thinking that the sickos out there are the reason for all the rules (not just photobucket). There are sick people that cruise the net looking for pictures of kids. I don't think you are the problem - it's the weirdos out there. Anyways, sorry for your problems.

momaziggy August 20, 2009 at 3:28 PM  

You are absolutely right Marcy. My biggest issue was that they didn't delete photos with the EXACT same content that have been up for a year or more until I had words with them! It was after that, they went through every folder and deleted a LARGE amount of my photos that have been there for a VERY long time! So in expressing my unhappiness, they raided my account! I'm ALL about protecting children, but have issues when a company isn't consistent in removing a shot of my 2 year old daughter with no top on, but in the same blog post, leave a shot of her from the knees up in just her panties. I find them to be terribly inconsistent. A fellow photog I know online does ADULT bikini shoots in Hawaii as his PAY job and they will randomly delete his pics that are of adult women in bikinis on the beach!

So all in all I'm over it (lol) and will no longer use them. I guess in the end although PB is COMPLETELY INCONSISTENT, I was the one that was shortsighted and never should've used PB in the first place. Sad when you are a photographer and can't load up a shot of a child running around with no top on or in just their diaper. What about a boy child? I wonder if they think there is something wrong with a little boy in shorts with no shirt on playing in the water outside? Would they remove those? How many people take and share pics of their kids running around this way? A LOT!

Okay...I'll shut up now! Ha!

Happy Daisy AZ November 10, 2009 at 8:18 AM  

Don't you love anonymous commenters who feel entitled to come give a handslap on YOUR blog?

momaziggy November 10, 2009 at 8:53 AM  

Happy Daisy...yes, it's those select few that always respond anonymous! Lol! I didn't delete it on purpose...just let me drill in my point more! Ha! It still makes me angry and sick when I go through my blog and see all the deleted photos icons! ARG!

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